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2015-03-27 : How Does the Color of Your Home Affect B
Consider this: If color influences product marketing strategies, the color of a home can be a decisive factor when selling. When preparing a home for the market, shades within the white, tan or gray color families resonate beyond pure aesthetics – according to e-commerce giant eBay, white indicates safety. For a homebuyer, a home with a white exterior can translate to concepts like "shelter"or "safe haven." Similarly, understated browns (including the aforementioned tan) signal security. Homes painted in sandy or mushroom hues read comfort and warmth. Colors like taupe, which falls somewhere between brown and gray, call to mind traditional values, homeownership included. Earthy tones like laurel green or artichoke can not only highlight a verdant landscape, but also evoke a sense of tranquility. Homes in other colors can sell successfully – our retinas tend to register yellow before any other color, so a buttery yellow exterior could be an attractive option for buyers – but non-traditional colors, like oranges and purples, appeal to very specific personalities and can significantly shrink the pool of interested buyers. It`s important for sellers to consider the home in relation to the neighborhood before swapping out the exterior color or refreshing an existing paint job. Do nearby homes share a distinct color scheme? Is each home uniquely colored? Evaluating the home`s surroundings can help sellers determine what`s most popular in their market.

2015-01-27 : Time to Buy!
All you millennials out there (25-35). It`s time to stop renting (or living with your parents) and start buying. With good credit you can now get as low as 3.5% interest with as low as 3% down payment. FHA are also lowering their mortgage insurance rates if you have less than stellar credit. Now is the time to start the process - don`t wait until interest rates rise again or you will miss the boat! If you want to find out how much house you can afford, contact me - no cost, no obligation. Get pre-qualified for zero cost.

2014-09-27 : Make your home sensational with upgrades
The lived-in look is perfectly acceptable for a home, until it goes on the market. Shabby, stained or scratched-up surfaces can keep buyers from seeing your home’s real charm. A few simple cosmetic upgrades can make all the difference.Power-wash the exterior, Patch and paint, Replace caulk, Refinish wood surfaces, Mulch your landscape beds, Invest in new light fixtures, Upgrade kitchen and bathroom fixtures.Your entryways also deserve your attention. They are where people get their first impression of your home. Spruce yours up by upgrading your door, painting, or adding an attractive welcome rug, and put your prospective buyers in a good state of mind for viewing the rest of your home.

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